Series of wearable articles and pocket objects

Materials: porcelain, silver, used glass lenses

Dimensions: brooch L 125mm W 31mm H 17mm

pocket object: D 34-51mm H 21-25mm

Two hundred years ago Maine de Biran distinguished between three patterns of memory: ideas, feelings, and habits. “The memory system which is connected to feelings encompasses the memory of experience which, more than any other, is a part of the human personality.” (Umberto Eco, The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana, p. 16).

Putting together a life story often revolves around pictures that a person chances upon, which are recorded by means of his visual sense and engraved on his heart. These are memory pictures or memory landscapes which form the basis of the human essence and his world-view.

Lenses, previously used, preserve moments and pictures, add another level of meaning to every view while constantly delivering refractions of memories. Symbolically this act tries to portray the world through the perspective of the other, a different point of view, which is the product of a different cultural consciousness, through a different world view of a different generation.

This series does not try to rewrite the past, but rather gaze into the future, with the desire to create new memories in which the past pulsates, to revitalize weakened voices and to release forgotten memories. The aim is for a viewer to feel another gaze, to merge it with their own, to create a consciousness that restores what is gone, to discover what is beyond the range of vision. To uncover a bit more of what the world holds.