Clad (white)

Materials: porcelain, silver

Dimensions: brooch L 185mm W 28mm H 15mm

ring L 55mm W 22mm H 19mm


“We are such stuff

As dreams are made on”

(Shakespeare, The Tempest act 4, scene 1)


The series of jewelry that I have designed enable an opportunity for the expression of dreams, emotions, memories and early impressions – those that lay concealed in the mind and the heart – to take form on the body and clothes. The wearer charges them with meaning, stringing shapes to dreams.

One is able to achieve a dual awareness of life through inward, subjective contemplation.  The individual’s inner reality, testament to mental activity, finds its expression on the arena of the body.

The fragile porcelain accentuates the texture of a dream and forms the conceptual basis of each artifact.