Material: Glazed Earthenware

Dimensions (each tile): L 50cm W 50cm H 3.5cm

Diverts rainwater for irrigation of trees in dry climate regions

Designed to collect and reuse rainwater, the tile system offers a sustainable solution which eliminates the need for artificial irrigation in dry climate urban settings.  The system optimizes energy use and saves vital water resources.  The tile set is composed of modular units incorporating channels and slopes to divert water toward the tree trunk.

The tiles can be configured in two ways: surrounding a single tree, or creating a paving sequence among several trees.  The paved area around the tree is utilized to increase flow of water toward the tree and prevent evaporation from contiguous areas of soil.  Thus, the absorption of rain water is maximized.  The tiles which are immediately adjacent to the tree trunk incorporate seams allowing portions to be broken off as the tree grows.

A glazed ceramic material provides a clean, non-absorbent substrate for flowing water.  The material is also natural and sustainable, resistant to temperature changes and wear.  The dimensions of the tile system take into consideration such factors as tree species, trunk diameter, and municipal regulations which govern planting. Special attention was given to the creation of an imagery of water in an urban landscape.


Red Dot Design Award, Design Concept, 2008

LICC Award: London International Creative Competition, 2010 – Honorable mention