Techniques and Materials: 3D scan and digital processing, photographic print

Crosses engraved on the stones of the Old City in Jerusalem by pilgrims and clergy were scanned using a 3D scanner. The digital models were processed using a unique algorithm composed by the artist Dylan Brams in order to be used as an artistic tool to make visual comparisons of expressive products of human activity.

Those crosses are a testimony to the generations of believers who frequented the place and left their mark on it. The great variety found suggests the possibility of seeing them as autographic signs. At the same time they constitute a module of the human body.

The selection of the engraved crosses continues the previous projects, in which Dubinsky dealt with the marks left by the builders on the cathedral stones and the measuring tools based on body measurements, which originate from ancient traditions.

Scanned with Creaform HandySCAN3D and processed with MeshLab software and the special digital model algorithm of Dylan Brams. Digital models by courtesy of The Antiquities Authority and Amit Re’em.